After the birth of my daughter, I needed to find a hint of femininity with a timeless wardrobe, to feel good about my new body and above all, to feel ready to breastfeed at all times, at home like outside. I couldn't find anything of quality that I liked on the market and in which I found myself beautiful.
Breastfeeding away from home was becoming a headache. So I created .ée to make breastfeeding easier for moms from here and elsewhere, who want to feel like a woman and proud to be a mom every day.


<tc>We make your clothes</tc>

The fashion industry involves a long chain and it consists of people (more than I could expect).
Pattern maker, graders, cutting factories, seamstresses - each partners has a role to play.
As a designer, I work closely with every member of the production chain. With every collection, I entrust a piece of myself to each of them.
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