<tc>We are not born mothers, we become mothers.</tc>

Rencontrez Allison, la créatrice.

<tc>We take care of you and our planet, one garment at a time.</tc>

At .ée, we're committed to creating high-quality, comfortable, and durable clothing and accessories for women, all while minimizing our footprint. We work with partners and suppliers who share our values and passion. We take pride in saying that every piece of clothing we produce is made with care, from the materials we source locally in Quebec to the final stitch.

We believe that we can make a difference and do things differently.

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  • <transcy>A controlled quality&nbsp;</transcy>

    Our first collection is carefully designed and manufactured in Greater Montreal. 
    Our collection rebels against what’s shiny and new, instead it focuses on thought-out details, fine fabrics and minimalist design.
  • <transcy>A local company managed by women</transcy>

    All our products are made in Quebec by passionate women who know the challenges of successful breastfeeding. We are happy to work with It was important for us to work with a team that shares our passion and not only support but understand our concept.
  • <transcy>A short supply chain</transcy>

    Being locally manufactured allows us to have a close supply chain, promote the local economy and have a true and trusting relationship with our partners.